My name is John Kroencke and I am a fifth year Ph.D. student in Economics at George Mason University. I am a Ph.D. Fellow at the Mercatus Center. I am also a Final Year Fellow with the  Center for the Study of Political Economy at Duke University. Before graduate school, I attended Hampden-Sydney College where I majored in Mathematical Economics. 

My research interests include history of economic thought, historic and contemporary land use regulation, and market process economics. My academic publications have appeared in Public Choice and The Review of Austrian Economics

 Political economists stress the technical economic principles that one must understand in order to assess alternative arrangements for promoting peaceful cooperation and productive specialization among free men. Yet political economists go further and frankly try to bring out into the open the philosophical issues that necessarily underlie all discussions of the appropriate functions of government and all proposed economic policy measures. They examine philosophical values for consistency among themselves and with the ideal of human freedom.

James M. Buchanan

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