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Academic Publications

"Academic Entrepreneurship in Sometimes Hostile Environments: A Virginia School of Political Economy Perspective"

(with Peter Boettke and J.R. Clark)

The Independent Review 27:1, 121-140 (2022) 


"The Real Purpose of the Program: a Case Study in James M. Buchanan’s Efforts at Academic Entrepreneurship to "Save the Books" in Economics"

(with Peter Boettke)

Public Choice 183, 227–245 (2020).

"Methodological Confusions and the Science Wars in Economics"

(with Jayme Lemke)

Rev Austrian Econ 33, 87–106 (2020).

Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics Publications​

"Lessons from London: Private Planning and the Great Estates"  The Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics (2023)

Academic Working Papers

"Richard T. Ely, Housing Research, and Interwar Residential Segregation"

"Democracy and Diseases: A Contractarian Analysis of Pandemic Policymaking"

(With M. Scott King) Revise and Resubmit, Constitutional Political Economy


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